LSVA Takes Over Galveston County


 “Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to

delight in whatever remains to them?”  

 Rose Kennedy, mother to President John F. Kennedy

This quote came to mind while I was in Galveston County attending the Veterans Task Force Meeting and Texas A&M University Mental Health Luncheon. If you’re unaware of the history of Galveston, the year 2008 brought devastation and tragedy to its shores by way of Hurricane Ike. Although many piers, homes, businesses and so forth were destroyed, the people of Galveston came together as a community.

This is the kind of communal effort that we need to crete any sort of change. During the two events that I attended, I saw this taking place among organizations including, but not limited to – the Gulf Coast Center, the Veterans Coalition, MHA, LSVA, Texas A&M Galveston, etc. Coming together as a team and working hand in hand is truly the key in providing efficient assistance to our veteran community.


Roland Castanie        

Wild Texas Art Website – Castanie Designs


 I was blessed to have the opportunity to meet this gentleman, Roland Castanie, at the Texas A&M University Mental Health Luncheon. I really like his art. Tell me what y’all think.

Roland is actively involved with the veteran community, including Vietnam Veterans of America, producing original art and prints to fund their scholarship programs. Roland’s print, “On Behalf of a Grateful Nation”, has been presented to over 3600 Gold Star families across the United States. Several of his pieces can be found at a variety of military bases and VA clinics across the United States. Please visit his website listed above to read more.

Bryan Escobedo


Y’all remember this eccentric young man, right?! For those of you that are new, he goes by the name of Bryan Escobedo. Yes, that’s right, HE’S BACK AND IN FULL FORCE! 

Bryan will be helping with the transition of LSVA’s returning LifeNav program.We are looking forward to having him back on the team and couldn’t be more excited to get this program rolling.

Send him a “Welcome Back” message and let him talk you into joining him in the excitement.
Keep your head down and stay in touch.

Spare a Few – Volunteer

Patriotic Soldier
Anyone living in our society today understands that day-to-day life can be quite overwhelming – working a 9 to 5, finally managing to get out of rush hour traffic,  and coming home to the same ol’ tv and internet. We all have been there to some degree. So why on earth would anyone consider that they may have time or energy to volunteer? 

The answer to this question may seem far off in the distance – but it really is as simple as pie. Volunteering can be rewarding and relaxing.  It can be accomplished in a variety of ways.  Some volunteers meet directly with other veterans or with the public on behalf of Veterans and their families.    Organizations like LSVA also provide programs that enable volunteers to dedicate their time remotely – offering volunteering electronically (like Peer2Peer Mentoring) through telephones and computers, etc. Even if needed to be present in the office or at a local event, an hour or two a week, every minute makes a difference. This is your chance to help a fellow vet or to give thanks to those who have served or are serving so that you can live the life you live today in America.

So go on, “Spare a Few”.
If you’re interested in volunteering with LSVA, please contact us at